The Irish Shot at Dawn Campaign to secure pardons for Irish born British soldiers executed for military offences 1914 -18

In deference to our many supporters this website was inaugurated to record their support

RTE TV - Irish Shot at Dawn - Nov 2008

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Case Law - Articles

Pardons Bill NZ
Daily Telegraph-25/02/2002
Regina V Boyd etc [2002] UKHL 31

ECHR-Morris Case-26/02/2002

Shot for Cowardice-or-Murdered / Shell Shock?

Lost Generation

Note: Founded on the 27th June 2002 The Shot at Dawn Campaign Irl co-ordinated by the Irish Seamen's Relatives Association (1939-46)  is an independent Irish based group who successfully campaigned to persuade the British Government to grant pardons to 26 Irish born British soldiers in particular and 275 other ranks in the British Army who were executed during world war one for various military offences which ceased in 1929 to be punishable by death:


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